• Just fantastic. I am so happy with my look now. Lashes looks so brilliant. I had very short eye lashes and I always felt bad about it. I have been using Growlash Eyelash serum and its fantastic. I have been using it for some time now and its unbelievable. I have no words for it. I have recommended to my cousin sisters and family members. Loving it.
    – Lara Powel
  • This product is truly amazing. I am 52 years old and have always loved making up my eyes and in particular my lashes. We all know that as we get older our lashes become thinner and shorter. I have had lash extensions done in the past, and whilst they give a great look it is only short lived, costs a fortune and actually damages lashes in the long term. So when I had the opportunity to review this I jumped at it. Within two weeks my lashes were longer and fuller. The product is easy to apply and will last for ages given the tiny amount that is applied with the very neat brush. I think the way it works is to prevent eyelash loss and preserve them for longer - as a result they are able to grow longer before falling out naturally. Its absolutely fabulous.
    – Danis Helbrow
  • I've only been using this a few days but I can see that it has started to thicken and lengthen my lashes ever so slightly. Application is quick and easy, and even when I got some in my eyes it was not extremely painful. There was a little bit of burning, but it's no different then getting a little eyeliner in my eye. You get a lot of product in this eye lash growth serum, it will last you a long time! I look forward to seeing the full results after I have used it for a longer period of time. Afterwards, I will update my review to update on my findings.
    – R M FOOTE
  • It is my second bottle, It really does what it says on the packaging. Your eyelashes grow longer and thicker. Very happy with the product, even my husband noticed the difference, so it must be good. I would recommend it even to my sister, perfect.
    – Anna Fisher
  • They have a satisfaction guarantee because it really does work. After a just 2 weeks, my eyelashes are starting to grow. It's the first and only product of this type I've used, and I'm completely satisfied.
    They do say that it takes 4-6 weeks for a noticeable difference. However, as you can see, most people are noticing a difference after just 2 weeks. So I'm quite excited to see how much better they will be after a full month.
    It's very much quality in every aspect - the packaging, the instructions, the product itself and the customer service. I'm very impressed with the overall experience.
    – Tesla Kishore
  • Absolutely fabulous product I'd definitely recommend this its fantastic!
    – Natalie Jain smith
  • Great item. Started using a couple of days ago and i have really seen a difference. The package was a little excessive but the item itself I am really happy with. Thank you seller.
    – Michelle John
  • I bought this for my mum to try out as she told me she has used multiple eye lash growth serums and she told me that this was one of the best she has ever used, she used it every twice a day as the packet said to get the best results and she said after the first week she could see a small difference and as the weeks went by she was happier and happier with the product, she used up the whole bottle and achieved a fantastic result and it sure did meet her expectations and maybe more. she is very happy with the product and will defiantly be buying again and recommending it to her friends to also use.
    – Amanda Wyatt