About Us

Astute Healthcare Ltd is one of the UK's leading distributors of Pharmaceutical products, Health- Beauty products including Growlash Eyelash Growth Enhancing serum and Growlash Eyebrow Growth Enhancing serum. "Growlash" is a registered trademark of the Astute Healthcare Ltd. Growlash was founded earlier and was marketed at very small scale. Since 2012, Astute Healthcare Ltd has taken over the product and introduce to the mass market within the Europe including UK and USA. Growlash was one of the leading brand which was first introduce to the market in eyelash serum category to the mass market and since then it remained a leader in this category.

Growlash is the natural way to get fantastically beautiful eyelashes as its 100% Plant Extract. Serum combines the latest findings from the science and technology of cosmetics and medical research with highly effective ingredients. It revitalizes eyelashes and stimulate eyelashes growth, making them longer, thicker and stronger. The active ingredients of Growlash Eyelash stimulate the roots of your eyelashes, lengthen the growth phase and at the same time delay your eyelashes falling out. You will see a clear improvement in just 4 to 6 weeks or 30 days. The product has been dermatological tested and only contains ingredients with proven tolerability and effectiveness. Growlash eyelash serum does not contain any colouring, fragrances or preservatives.

Today, Astute Healthcare continues to see success with Growlash, as it remains a go-to product for lash and brow enhancements for celebrities, consumers, beauty editors and makeup artists alike. The efficacy of our products continues to be raved about by thousands of women throughout the country and some parts of the world.

Astute Healthcare is a true believer of supporting charity partners to ensure the part of profit helps needy people. Astute Healthcare also believing in spending very little on marketing and advertisements to keep the cost of the product as low as possible which can allow most of the household women to buy Growlash product. We as a team firmly believes in 'word of mouth' marketing and happy to announce that we have huge satisfy customer base.

Growlash Serum Success story :

Within very small span of time, customers have loved the product and we sold huge quantities of the product within the country as well as outside the country. Still we are selling product with confidence and feeling so happy to receive positive feedback and testimonials. We invite you to come and join the GROWLASH FAMILY.