Eyelash growth serum – Get thick and long lashes quickly

Every woman desires to have long and thick eyelashes that will make her look attractive and beautiful. But it’s a pity that most women do not enjoy dashing eyelashes and this is why they look for various ways to grow eyelashes quickly. There are several kinds of serums available that can help in increasing your lashes. The worst part of using any serum is that they may have side effect and lead to fall of lashes. It is advisable to choose the right enhancing serum so that you can have strong and thick lashes for your life.

Different phases of eyelash growth to make you look gorgeous

You may use eyelash growth enhancing serum to have long and thick lashes. There are three phases of growing thicker and longer eyelashes. These are:

• Anagen Growth Phase – This is the first phase of eyelash growth. Popularly known as the “active growth phase”, near about 30% of your lashes are quickly growing and regenerating. This is an extended phase that may last for as long as seven weeks.
• Catagen Growth Cycle – The second phase of eyelash growth is known as Catagen Growth Cycle. At this point of time, your lashes do not grow anymore. Rather, your follicles start to shrink and retract. It is known as the “lag phase” which is short and lasts for hardly three weeks.
• Telogen Growth Stage – This is the final phase of growing your eyelashes. After this, the lashes start falling out. Though it may sound terrifying, you will realize that your lashes are all individually in their own phase. Thus, you will have different eyelashes in the different phases both up and down the eyelids. As such, you will not have a time where all the eyelashes will grow in the same phase. You do not have to worry anymore that your lashes will all fall out at once.

There are many lifestyles that have an effect on the eyelash growth. For example, if you drink lots of alcohol, then your lashes will grow slowly than someone who is not addicted to drinking. In the same way, if you are a chained smoker, then the growth rate of your eyelashes will be quite slow over someone who does not smoke. On the whole, the healthier your standard of living may be, the quicker your eyelashes will grow. People are involved in unhealthy behaviors seem to grow lashes very slowly. With growlash eyelash growth enhancing serum, you will have strong lashes quickly.

Besides, your age is another factor that might lead to eyelash loss. In simple words, the older you may be, the more eyelashes you are going to lose, for sure. And the more aged you become, the longer time it will take to let them grow again.