Tips & Tricks to Growing Eyelash Thicker & Longer

Everybody’s obsessed with growing eyelashes longer these days and people want the best tips to accomplishing the goal. There’s a lot of debate about which tips and techniques and products work best for growing eyelashes longer but there’s a few tricks that pretty much everybody agrees on for working well to lengthen, thicken and strengthen short, thin and/or damaged eyelashes.

Trick 1 – Get the Best Nutrition for Eyelash Growth

I tell people this all the time and many people are surprised by what I say. It’s very important to get the right nutrition into your body because the body will grow nice lashes if you’ve got the right nutrition. True, it’s a genetic aspect to this also but if you want to set about growing eyelashes longer and thicker you want to be sure that you are taking some of the best nutritional products out there for growth.

You should be taking biotin, B complex, MSM, and a multi-vitamin in order to see naturally growing eyelashes over the long-term.

Trick 2 – Use a Moisturizer to Lengthen and Protect the Eyelashes

One of the biggest reasons people lose so many eyelashes and they fall out all the time is because their lashes are simply damaged and mal-nourished! If you never washed your scalp hair and moisturized it, we all know what would happen. Your hair would fall out of your head! It would become weak, brittle and thin and it would all become damaged and begin falling out. The same is true with your lashes. If you don’t take time to moisturize them they are in danger of becoming weak, brittle and thin. So you may be losing a lot of lashes, not because your lashes don’t grow but simply because your lashes don’t stay!

I recommend using a natural source of oil for the purpose of moisturizing the eyelashes. You can try olive oil, grape seed oil or some other natural oil. I have found olive oil to be the most effective hair strengthening and moisturizing oil for me and many other people recommend it as well.

Trick  3 – Don’t Cut Your Lashes

It’s amazing to know that people believe that cutting their lashes will help them grow. This logic comes from the practice of trimming the split ends of scalp hair so it will grow longer, be healthier and be stronger. The difference with growing eyelashes is that eyelashes are nowhere near as long as scalp hair! So if you cut some of an eyelash which is only ½ to 1 inch long, you’ve lost a lot of it already. Eyelashes usually don’t split like the ends of hair so there’s hardly ever a need to cut them.

These tricks should help you in your quest of growing eyelashes longer and thicker than ever.

Grow thick and long eyelashes – Look more attractive and gorgeous

Human beings have the tendency not to feel happy and contended in the way they are born. As such, whether it is about weight, height, hair colour or eyelashes, they always try their best to change it to look much better and attractive. Perhaps, we usually look into the mirror several times during the day and having small eyelashes may make us feel depressed and unhappy. There are eyelash growth serums available that can help you grow thicker, stronger and longer lashes within a short son of time. The best part of using this serum is that they do not have any kind of side effect associated with it. As such, woman of all age group can use the serum and look all the more attractive and gorgeous by growing thick eyelashes.

Eyelashes are different for every person

Each person’s eyelashes will appear somewhat different and not all are born with longer lashes. People with light complexion may have light eyelashes and this light colour may cause eyelashes to look thinner than what they actually are. The other group of people has lost eyelashes due to continuous rubbing or bad diet. The most common and affordable way to change physical appearance of eyelashes is to use eyelash enhancing serum that helps to grow long and thick lashes. This makes every woman feel beautiful and confident about themselves by growing lovely lashes. Since lashes are different for each woman, make sure you choose a serum that is useful as well as effective both in terms of growth as well as money.

Serums available for the growth of eyelashes

Eyelash growth serums are gaining immense popularity in today’s world. While some are already applying them to have thick and strong lashes, others are yet to try them out for a beautiful look. You need to know the pros and cons associated with different serums and if it will suit your skin. Make sure you go for it only if it is the right one for your need. Also, compare the price of different serums before you decide to use one for growing eyelashes. This will help you make the best choice in terms of your hard-earned money and getting quality product for growing beautiful eyelashes.

Thus, if you are born with thin lashes or lose eyelashes too frequently, then it is advisable that you use eyelash enhancing serum that helps grow lashes within a short time. Although some of them may have side effects, there are others that are completely safe and ensure safe growth of lashes. You will not only have thick, long and strong lashes but also look absolutely stunning by growing your eyelashes.

Eyelash growth serum – Get thick and long lashes quickly

Every woman desires to have long and thick eyelashes that will make her look attractive and beautiful. But it’s a pity that most women do not enjoy dashing eyelashes and this is why they look for various ways to grow eyelashes quickly. There are several kinds of serums available that can help in increasing your lashes. The worst part of using any serum is that they may have side effect and lead to fall of lashes. It is advisable to choose the right enhancing serum so that you can have strong and thick lashes for your life.

Different phases of eyelash growth to make you look gorgeous

You may use eyelash growth enhancing serum to have long and thick lashes. There are three phases of growing thicker and longer eyelashes. These are:

• Anagen Growth Phase – This is the first phase of eyelash growth. Popularly known as the “active growth phase”, near about 30% of your lashes are quickly growing and regenerating. This is an extended phase that may last for as long as seven weeks.
• Catagen Growth Cycle – The second phase of eyelash growth is known as Catagen Growth Cycle. At this point of time, your lashes do not grow anymore. Rather, your follicles start to shrink and retract. It is known as the “lag phase” which is short and lasts for hardly three weeks.
• Telogen Growth Stage – This is the final phase of growing your eyelashes. After this, the lashes start falling out. Though it may sound terrifying, you will realize that your lashes are all individually in their own phase. Thus, you will have different eyelashes in the different phases both up and down the eyelids. As such, you will not have a time where all the eyelashes will grow in the same phase. You do not have to worry anymore that your lashes will all fall out at once.

There are many lifestyles that have an effect on the eyelash growth. For example, if you drink lots of alcohol, then your lashes will grow slowly than someone who is not addicted to drinking. In the same way, if you are a chained smoker, then the growth rate of your eyelashes will be quite slow over someone who does not smoke. On the whole, the healthier your standard of living may be, the quicker your eyelashes will grow. People are involved in unhealthy behaviors seem to grow lashes very slowly. With growlash eyelash growth enhancing serum, you will have strong lashes quickly.

Besides, your age is another factor that might lead to eyelash loss. In simple words, the older you may be, the more eyelashes you are going to lose, for sure. And the more aged you become, the longer time it will take to let them grow again.

Eyelash growth enhancing serum for thick and better lashes

Every woman desires to look their best so that they find the love of their life. For this, the most important thing for women is to have the stunning look that will attract men easily. What about the eyelashes? Are you amongst those women who long to grow thick, long and better eyelashes? If answered yes, then you may use eyelash growth serum so that you can grow long lashes and look all the more beautiful in front of your man. In other words, eyelash growth is an effective way to improve the appearance of your eyes and choose the right treatment for re-growth of lashes.

Thicker Eyelashes- Key to Being Attractive

Having thick and long eyelashes makes a woman look absolutely beautiful and attractive. There are eyelash growth enhancing serum available that will enable to grow lashes naturally and quickly. You will become the centre of attraction once you start using serum for eyelash growth. However, it’s important that you choose the right serum that does not have any negative impact on your health and body. Besides, don’t forget to know the cost of different serums before buying one for your eyelashes growth. Go for the one that suits your need and affordability. This will enable you to make the right selection and grow lashes at a fast pace.

Long lashes – Grow like the celebrities

Growing long and of course, thick lashes are dream come true for every woman. The worst part is that most of them fail to understand the type of serum to be used for the growth of eyelashes. You may consult a professional who can give you both tips and advice on which serum will be best suited for eyelash growth. This will help you choose the right one and grow lashes just like the celebrities. You cannot ignore the fact that men are attracted to women who can provide the most gorgeous look in the crowd. And if you really want to choose the man of your dreams, then it is very important that you give yourself the stunning look that every man desires to have in their woman.

You may go through reviews online to know in details about different kinds of eyelash growth serum. If you find a particular product is not satisfactory, it is advisable that you do not buy it. Rather, choose something that is popular and will provide the best result in giving you the most beautiful look that you always want. Only the right selection of enhancing serum will allow you to have thick and long eyelashes.

Beauty of Long Eye lashes

Women are a symbol of grace and beauty. There is not a minute of doubt about that but, Is there any measuring scale of beauty yet? No, we suppose. But the beauty can be standardized, as it has always been. Taking a look over your favorite celebrity, you might be coming across their sharp features. That’s the reason they are the trend setters. One of the greatest trends today is grooming your eye lashes. A number of celebs can be seen with voluminous lustrous curly thick lash growths on their eye lids. It’s not just a trend that comes and goes with time. As its not among those of the fashion trend that come and go with passing months and years. Outgrowing thick lashes is more than that. It’s a symbol of youth and power. Most powerful women have that glaze on their face and thicker lashes is just one another trait you must come through.

There can be plenty of reasons for you to be lusting for those longer thicker eye lashes. Such youthful eye lashes incarnate a sexy trait in your personality. It boosts you up with greater confidence and bound people to be more influenced with you. Highlighting your eyes with intensity they seem to be glorifying your face as the eyes only are the door to charm.

Ladies blesses with fuller lashes tend to be more charming than those with brittle eye lashes. Fuller lashes seem to be defining certain facial features that add an extra thing to the appearance. People who aren’t that blessed in the matters of eyelashes can also get those charms with various cosmetic items lining up the list. One can surely come up with pin up fake lashes and stick those to fake it till they get it. Another quick way to attain the goddess look can be using voluminous mascara coats and powder lining n curling them to chores. There can be number of ways to achieve the perfect look on your face.

Apart from these ways that can help you out last minute. You can actually start to grow them better.Yes you read that right !
You can actually improve your lash growth by aiding to them. There are several natural oils that might help you. But those have a very slow way to proceed. Also, oiling lashes can be a tough and annoying thing to work through.

A much accepted strategy developed is the product Eyelash Growth Enhancing Serum, Grow lash. Grow lash is one revolutionary serum that has been claimed to be miraculous in helping people get those fuller lashes in a very natural way. Witness able results can be achieved with this Eyelash Growth Enhancing Serum , in a duration of two to four weeks only.

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Eyelash growth enhancing serum – Look all the more beautiful and gorgeous

Eyelashes grow at a slow speed and it may take several months to become thick. If you find that your lashes do not grow as expected, then you will have to use an enhancing serum that will help in making them thick and strong. There may be few things leading to the delay of eyelash regrowth and you will then have a wait for sometime before their expansion. Some things that have an impact on the loss of eyelash are aging, hormones, genetics, lifestyle and diet. The process of eyelashes growth can be divided into two phases and these are:

  • Anagen Growth Phase – This phase is referred to as the “active growth phase.” What happens in this stage is more than 30% of your eyelashes are growing rapidly and rejuvenating. This is an extended period that may continue for seven weeks at the most.
  • Catagen Growth Cycle – Your eyelashes stop growing at this phase. In reality, your follicles begin to contract and pull back. This is known as “lag phase” that is short and lasts for a maximum of three weeks.
  • Telogen Growth Stage – This is the final stage before the release of eyelashes. After this, your eyelashes will start falling out. This may sound a bit terrifying till you see that your eyelashes are all separately in their phase. Thus, you will find different eyelashes in different stages upward and downward the eyelid. You will not find all eyelashes growing at the same stage.

Besides, daily activities help in the growth of lashes. Suppose, if you drink too much, your lashes won’t grow at a fast pace than the ones who do not drink. In the same way, if you are a smoker, the growth rate of lashes gets reduced than the ones who does not smoke at all. Thus, the healthier your standard of living, the quicker your lashes will grow. There are eyelash growth enhancing serum available that can help in their re-growth. This will enable you to have long and thick eyelashes.

Aging is another factor that may be the reason for loss of eyelashes. In simple words, the older you may be, the more eyelashes you are going to lose. And the older you become, the more time it will take for the growth of eyelashes.

The maximum time needed for the growth of eyelashes is approximately 12 weeks. So, if your way of living is hindering the growth rate of eyelashes and your age is impeding as well, then twelve weeks is the period of time required for eyelash re-growth. However, if your eyelashes do not re-grow in the same period of time, there is a possibility that they won’t make a re-emergence. Due to the short time period, you’ll want to make the best use of your eyelash growth.

Get gorgeous eyelashes, naturally

Long eyelashes have a dramatic effect of enhancing your look. It not only defines your gorgeous eyes but the sweep of a long eyelash has the power to get many a hearts to flutter. But not all are bestowed with such long sweeping lashes. Most of the ordinary go through painstaking effort of sticking false eyelashes on- that too with chemical gums in order for the false eyelashes to stick.

But what if, you could get rid of the false ones and get actual long natural eyelashes.
If you don’t think that it is possible to magically re-grow your eyelashes. Well, think again.
Growlash- eyelash growth enhancing serum– is a marvel of science and technology that forms a potent serum with the power not only to grow your lashes but it also makes your lashes look shinier and makes them strong. In four to six weeks result will be visible and you will find shinier stronger and denser eyelashes adorning your eyes and enhancing your look. But the power of this amazing serum does not stop there. With regular use of Growlash you can save your eyelashes from all future fallings and brittleness. Your eyelashes and your eyes will be the talk of the town. With gorgeous eyelashes you can easily win the heart of many and be the cynosure of all eyes.

Safe and Natural Product
The 100% Plant extract formula of Growlash is a completely natural product. Made from the latest innovation of science and technology, the Growlash is a revolution in the cosmetics and medical research field. Growlash uses a scientific mixture of bio-enzyme EPM, aqua, hair follicle growth factor, ascorbic, hyaluronic acid, tocopherol and urea. The product has gone through all dermatological tests. All ingredients used in Growlash have been tested with extreme precaution. There are no side effects to this product. No colouring, preservative or fragrances have been used in Growlash.

Growlash is a leading brand in the market of eyelash serum category. Growlash Eyelash Growth Enhancing serum and Growlash Eyebrow Growth Enhancing serum, both are registered trademark products of the Astute Healthcare Ltd, one of UK’s leading distributors of Pharmaceutical and Health- Beauty products. Growlash that started marketing its product in a small scale came under the umbrella of Astute Healthcare Ltd to turn the tide towards a favourable and burgeoning market. Now the product is a rage in both UK and USA. The product takes great pride in its clientele and its service has gathered a loyal follower list. With more than 1million products sold, in the world of cosmetics Growlash is a product to be reckoned with.

What Growlash does?
 Revitalizes your eyelashes
 Stimulates eyelashes growth from its root
 Delays falling out of your eyelashes
 Makes your eyelashes thicker, stronger, longer and prettier
For best results use the serum twice daily- in the morning and at night. Use a single swipe on both upper and lower eye lid. If the serum enters your eyes rinse immediately with warm water.

Grow your eyelashes and look ravishing

Beauty is something that comes perhaps in the beginning of your luxurious list. Every woman wants to look beautiful and eyelashes are the integral part of your facial beauty which no one can deny. Therefore it needs the same care as your face and hair does in order to celebrate the charm. Now how to make your eyelashes thicker, brighter and longer is what the article is all about. Before we get into the details of the secrets, this must you all know that there are both natural and artificial ways to enhance your optical beauty. Now it is you who needs to choose the safer as well as the rapid result-giving way that gives you a beautified new life!

The eyes get a proper frame when the lashes around are long and thick. In fact, eyelashes play an important role in grabbing one’s attention towards you. Hence to discuss about the natural ways to take care of your eye lashes, you may follow the tips below:

• Use natural castor oil of any hexane free brand on clean your clean eye lashes. Try to remove all your make ups before applying it by your finger tips or a small cotton pad from roots till the ends of the lashes. Few applications in a week can make wonders.
• You can make a quick recipe of lavender essential oil and coconut oil blending them in a proper proportion. Half tea spoon of coconut oil and 3-5 drops of lavender oil can be applied on your eyelashes by cotton.
• Like your skin, the precious eyes too need your care and affection. They too get dry and needs moisturiser. Hence you can you petroleum gel to lotion the eyelashes so that they do not get brittle.
• Massaging plays an important role in thickening the eyelashes too. You can massage your eyelids gently with clean fingers at least few times a week.

However, all these may seem too lengthy a phenomenon and need lot of efforts to make the recipes yourself. The days have become busier and it is almost impossible to bring out some time and energy after the tight work schedule, isn’t it? Well there is definitely an answer to that! Eyelash Growth Enhancing Serum work wonders and fetches you remarkable effect on your beauteous eyes.

You can go for natural or chemical ways of enhancing your beauty. But before everything else you must know what suits you. Not all natural recipes can give you the best result and the same thing applies for chemical ways too. Therefore choosing a brand for making it your own in the long run is no less an important job when it come to the delicacy of your eyes or skin.

Apart from all these, you must take good, healthy and nutritious food. What we intake actually is reflected on your health and skin. A proper diet gives you all that are necessary for each and every organ or part of your physique.

Eminence of Beautiful Eyelashes for Perfect Look and Confidence

Every woman has the desire to look beautiful no matter there is a party or social function to attend. Beauty adds confidence and positive energy within to flaunt an admirable persona. Generally, people are more concerned about their skin and hair. Rarely, women consider caring for their eyelashes until there is a severe falling that may occur due to dryness cosmetic allergy and lack of proper caring. Yes, your eyelashes also require caring or treatment in case of extreme falling. Growlash Eyelash Growth Enhancing Serum is one of most convenient solutions to grow beautiful and strong lashes.

Often women just choose eyelash conditioner to prevent falling and promote new hair follicle growth. An eyelash conditioner is a good caring product that moisturizes your eyelashes making them strong and glossy. Growlash serum as the name suggests is more than a simple conditioner. The product has effective hair growth factor and EPM Bio Enzymes that help to grow eyelashes faster in just six weeks.

Growlash serum is the care product for next generation women who lead extremely busy lifestyle. The light absorption formulation of this serum is perfect for quick application twice a day. Only a single stroke application on both upper and lower eyelids after cleaning your with a mind facial cleanser soap is sufficient to give you great results. Growlash not only helps in growing denser eyelashes but also make them shiny and strong to prevent future falling, brittleness etc. With regular application, your eyelashes will grow bigger and denser refining your look like never before.

Bid Adieu to All Harsh Chemical Cosmetic Eye Enhancing Products
With Growlash, you can also say goodbye to your mascara product that often causes falling or irritation after using. The chemicals going straight into the eyes are also not good for the delicate inner tissues, blood vessels and sensitive nerves. Compared to other cosmetic products, Growlash serum has highly viscous factor that helps the serum liquid to stay on the eyelid skin outside the eyes keeping it from entering the eye area. Apply with one stroke two times a day and start experiencing the difference in a couple of weeks when new hair follicles start emerging. In the next four weeks, the lashes will grow to the desired long length and strong enough with shining appearance like never before.

The dense glossy eyelashes are precious possession for every woman bestowing a refine seamless look. If you possess finely dense and longer lashes, you do not need to put artificial lashes with strong chemical gum. Growlash Eyelash Growth Enhancing Serum boosts the growth of natural beautiful lashes bestowing extremely majestic looks that people around will admire. When using the product, it is vital you read the instructions and user guide properly to get the best results. After six weeks of regular usage, you can reduce the application to twice or thrice a week to retain the strength and beauty of the lashes. Take special care to keep your hands and face cleansed with a soap so that there are no chances of contamination that may enter the product through the applicator bristles.

Growlash- Best Solution to Grow Prominent Natural Eyelashes

Many women have problems with eyelashes due to extreme dryness, dullness, brittleness etc. It is very annoying to apply high chemical adhesive to put the false eyelashes every time when you go for a party or any get together. The artificial lashes do not look natural and are easy to recognize. Moreover, if in any case the toxic adhesive enters the eyes, it can cause severe damage. Now you do not have to compromise with your looks as well as safeguard the eyelids and adjacent areas that are quite sensitive to harsh chemicals. The Growlash Eyelash Growth Enhancing Serum helps you to grow glossy natural and dense eyelash follicles and discard the idea of wearing false lashes completely.

What is Growlash Eyelash Growth Enhancing Serum
Growlash is an effective serum formulation that promotes natural eyelash growth in just six weeks of regular usage. Prepared with scientifically tested ingredients, the serum promotes the growth of new eyelash follicles with superb strength and long lasting glossy look even after when you stop using the product. The key ingredients like Hair Follicle Growth Factor, ascorbic acid, Tocopherol and others boost dense hair growth while some essential natural EPM Bio Enzymes and aqua base formulation bestow greater strength to the eyelashes maintaining the right moisture balance to prevent dryness and brittleness.

Growlash Application
Always wash you face with a mild cleansing soap and pat dry properly before the application process. Growlash gives wonderful results when used twice every day. Take a small portion of the serum on the applicator nozzle of the pack and apply a single stroke on both upper and lower eyelids.

Growlash serum is an effective formulation suitable for even the most sensitive skin around the eyes. However, if you notice any swelling, irritation, reddening in the eye area, stop using the serum immediately. If any problem persists for long, consult a dermatologist.

Never step out for a sunbath or scorching sun after applying Growlash. If you were for long under the sun, then do not apply the serum immediately after returning home. Allow a resting period of two to three hours so that the skin is in perfect condition for applying Growlash.

When to Expect Notable Eyelash Growth Results
Within a couple of weeks, you will find that new hair follicles have developed on both upper and lower eyelids. During the course of six weeks of regular Growlash serum application, the eyelashes will grow long, thick and strong with superb shine that the onlookers will admire.

Growlash Eyelash Growth Enhancing Serum is one of the most highly rated eyelash growing and conditioning solution. The mild liquid spreads very easily on the eyelids and quick absorption into the skin gives dry soothing feel. The three- step application process allows you to use the product even if you are going out in the morning. However, it is important to notice that you need to allow some time gap if you are going out in the sun or have returned home in a sunny afternoon. The regular usage as per directions will give you astonishing results in just six weeks.