Grow thick and long eyelashes with enhancing serum


Are your eyelashes growing at a slow pace? Well, it usually takes several months for the eyelashes to grow properly. If your eyelashes are thin, then you should do exercise with patience while waiting for their growth. There are some things that may postpone further growth of eyelashes and they are – aging, hormones, genetics, diet and lifestyle. The process of eyelash growth is divided into three phases:

First phase: Anagen Growth Phase. This phase is also known as “active growth phase.” During this phase, more than 30% of your eyelashes are rapidly growing and regenerating. This is actually an extended phase that may continue for seven weeks.

Second phase: Catagen Growth Cycle. In this phase, your eyelashes may not grow further. Rather, your follicles begin to reduce and retract. This is called “lag phase” which is short and lasts for only three weeks.

Third phase: Telogen Growth Stage. This is the final stage before the release of eyelashes. After this, your eyelashes will start to fall out. Though it might sound scary, your eyelashes will be in their own phase till you realize. Thus, you will be having different eyelashes in different phases up and down the eyelid. You do not have to worry that the eyelashes will fall out at once.

Many lifestyle behaviors have great impact on your eyelash growth. For example, if you drink too much, then your lashes will grow at a slow speed than someone who does not drink. In the same way, if you are a smoker, your lashes will grow slowly over someone who does not smoke. Thus, the better lifestyle you may lead, the sooner your eyelashes will grow. People who remain busy in unhealthy behaviors seem to have slow growth rate of eyelashes. Whether your lashes will grow slowly or quickly, depends on your standard of living and food habits. You can use eyelash enhancing serum to grow thick and long lashes and look absolutely stunning.

Age is another important factor that leads to eyelash loss. Your age is important for the growth rate of eyelashes. In simple words, the older you become, the more lashes you are going to lose. And the older you grow, the more time it will take for them to grow back. There are also situations when the lashes will not grow anymore.

The maximum time needed for the eyelashes to grow back is nearly 12 weeks. As such, if your lifestyle behaviors impact the growth rate and your age is requiring, 12 weeks is the actual time for the re-growth of lashes. Thus, if your lashes have not grown back in that time, chances are they won’t appear anymore.

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