The Properties and Benefits of the Eyelash Serums

When it comes to eye lash enhancing serums, they are used for giving the eye brows a fuller, healthier and youthful looks. These serums are required to be applied only once a day and they make the eye lashes look thicker and longer. These serums are quite light weighted and are easy in terms of their usage.

Few Important Facts you need to know about these Serums

Here are a couple of important facts which would help you get a better understanding about the usefulness of these serums

•These serums contain Hexatein Complex which help the eye lashers to grow more thicker
•Various kinds of Vitamins and Botanicals extracts are used in these serums to strengthen the hair of the eye brows
•These serums are very useful when it comes to giving a more shining and healthier looks to your eye lashes
•There are various ingredients used in these serums which have a very soothing effect of the eyes.
•These serums are devoid of fragrances and parabens which makes them safe to use
•If you have uneven, sparse and weak eyebrows then these serums can help you give them a healthier and attractive looks.
•Ever branded eye lash available in the market are clinically tested and are absolutely safe

The Different uses of the Eye Lash Serums

Here are a couple of uses of these serums which have made them so popular

Darker Eye Lash: Those who have short, thin and light eye brows or lashes can use these serums to make them look darker and thicker
Prominent Eyebrows: Blonde eyebrows or eyelashes which are not prominent can be improved dramatically over a period of time with the help of these serums.
Shine and Luster: With age, the eye lashes tend to reduce in terms of their volume and length. Under such conditions, these eyelash serums are the perfect solutions to treat the aging lashes and make them shine and luster.
For the Glamour babes: Ladies, who are in the world of fashion and silver screen, must use these serums in order to make them look more young and attractive.

Do they really Work?
These eyelash serums have proven to be very useful on cases where the lashes have become weaker due to various reasons. They help in the growth of new hair after using them for a period of a couple of weeks. The lash hair starts becoming thicker and softer. These serums are also very useful for the lashes which experience premature graying. They help the hair to retain their color and make them shinier and improve their health.

Eye is one the most sensitive part of the human body and special care must be taken before applying and cosmetic or solutions on them. When it comes to the eye serums, they are devoid of any such chemicals which can be harmful to the eyes

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Eyelash growth enhancing serum – Look all the more beautiful and gorgeous

Eyelashes grow at a slow speed and it may take several months to become thick. If you find that your lashes do not grow as expected, then you will have to use an enhancing serum that will help in making them thick and strong. There may be few things leading to the delay of eyelash regrowth and you will then have a wait for sometime before their expansion. Some things that have an impact on the loss of eyelash are aging, hormones, genetics, lifestyle and diet. The process of eyelashes growth can be divided into two phases and these are:

  • Anagen Growth Phase – This phase is referred to as the “active growth phase.” What happens in this stage is more than 30% of your eyelashes are growing rapidly and rejuvenating. This is an extended period that may continue for seven weeks at the most.
  • Catagen Growth Cycle – Your eyelashes stop growing at this phase. In reality, your follicles begin to contract and pull back. This is known as “lag phase” that is short and lasts for a maximum of three weeks.
  • Telogen Growth Stage – This is the final stage before the release of eyelashes. After this, your eyelashes will start falling out. This may sound a bit terrifying till you see that your eyelashes are all separately in their phase. Thus, you will find different eyelashes in different stages upward and downward the eyelid. You will not find all eyelashes growing at the same stage.

Besides, daily activities help in the growth of lashes. Suppose, if you drink too much, your lashes won’t grow at a fast pace than the ones who do not drink. In the same way, if you are a smoker, the growth rate of lashes gets reduced than the ones who does not smoke at all. Thus, the healthier your standard of living, the quicker your lashes will grow. There are eyelash growth enhancing serum available that can help in their re-growth. This will enable you to have long and thick eyelashes.

Aging is another factor that may be the reason for loss of eyelashes. In simple words, the older you may be, the more eyelashes you are going to lose. And the older you become, the more time it will take for the growth of eyelashes.

The maximum time needed for the growth of eyelashes is approximately 12 weeks. So, if your way of living is hindering the growth rate of eyelashes and your age is impeding as well, then twelve weeks is the period of time required for eyelash re-growth. However, if your eyelashes do not re-grow in the same period of time, there is a possibility that they won’t make a re-emergence. Due to the short time period, you’ll want to make the best use of your eyelash growth.