The Best Eyelash Growth Enhancing Serums Reviewed

There are different products available in the market that reveals their usefulness in giving customers with long, strong, thick and dense eyelashes. They are available in different price range claiming themselves to the best from others. Below are discussed four eyelash growth enhancing serums from the price chart to discuss in details about their comparative elements, effects and results.

RapidLash Eyelash Enhancing Serum

RapidLash is a popular choice of eyelash growth serums. The product description provides a positive estimate of the result- “Clinically proven up to 50% longer and 75% more voluminous looking natural lashes. RapidLash enhancing serum conditions your lashes to look stronger, fuller, and longer in as little as 30 days.”- and at an affordable rate that will hardly break your bank.

As far as the components are concerned, it is quite expansive and mostly extracts from various natural sources which include Cucurbita Pepo Seed Extract, Dipotassium
Glycyrrhizate and Panthenol which the Rapidlash site describes is a licorice extract.

In terms of its result, reviewers have reported that they were quite satisfied with the product but eyelashes began to get worse again when they stopped using the product. As such, they were forced to continue buying and using the product.

Latisse Serum

Latisse is a topical eyelash serum that consists of super-ingredient Bimatoprost for the growth of eyelashes. This is the only product that has this type of ingredient and scientifically proven to grow thick, long and dense eyelashes and unfortunately, the price does reveal this fact. Amazon sellers have priced this product at nearly $100, which is quite expensive than its competitor products.

There are some negative side effects of the product. Bimatoprost leads to unalterable change in color in the iris which may cause unwanted growth of hair when it comes into contact with other skin patches. On the positive side, reviewers have agreed that this eyelash growth serum works very well for growing thick and long lashes.

L’Oreal Lash Boosting Serum

This is the cheapest amongst the three products that consist of Arginine and Panthenol. You can purchase this eyelash serum at a pocket-friendly rate, though it has got some mixed reviews on the whole. Whilst it is generally known as an effective product that has obtained positive results, it has been reported to leave white residue, swelling and redness around the eyes just after use.

Apart from the ones discussed above, urLash Eyelash Enhancing Serum that is combined together with clinically proven ingredients can help lengthen, thicken and condition your eyelashes in not more than two weeks with the scientifically proven advanced formula.

Eyelash growth enhancing serum – Look all the more beautiful and gorgeous

Eyelashes grow at a slow speed and it may take several months to become thick. If you find that your lashes do not grow as expected, then you will have to use an enhancing serum that will help in making them thick and strong. There may be few things leading to the delay of eyelash regrowth and you will then have a wait for sometime before their expansion. Some things that have an impact on the loss of eyelash are aging, hormones, genetics, lifestyle and diet. The process of eyelashes growth can be divided into two phases and these are:

  • Anagen Growth Phase – This phase is referred to as the “active growth phase.” What happens in this stage is more than 30% of your eyelashes are growing rapidly and rejuvenating. This is an extended period that may continue for seven weeks at the most.
  • Catagen Growth Cycle – Your eyelashes stop growing at this phase. In reality, your follicles begin to contract and pull back. This is known as “lag phase” that is short and lasts for a maximum of three weeks.
  • Telogen Growth Stage – This is the final stage before the release of eyelashes. After this, your eyelashes will start falling out. This may sound a bit terrifying till you see that your eyelashes are all separately in their phase. Thus, you will find different eyelashes in different stages upward and downward the eyelid. You will not find all eyelashes growing at the same stage.

Besides, daily activities help in the growth of lashes. Suppose, if you drink too much, your lashes won’t grow at a fast pace than the ones who do not drink. In the same way, if you are a smoker, the growth rate of lashes gets reduced than the ones who does not smoke at all. Thus, the healthier your standard of living, the quicker your lashes will grow. There are eyelash growth enhancing serum available that can help in their re-growth. This will enable you to have long and thick eyelashes.

Aging is another factor that may be the reason for loss of eyelashes. In simple words, the older you may be, the more eyelashes you are going to lose. And the older you become, the more time it will take for the growth of eyelashes.

The maximum time needed for the growth of eyelashes is approximately 12 weeks. So, if your way of living is hindering the growth rate of eyelashes and your age is impeding as well, then twelve weeks is the period of time required for eyelash re-growth. However, if your eyelashes do not re-grow in the same period of time, there is a possibility that they won’t make a re-emergence. Due to the short time period, you’ll want to make the best use of your eyelash growth.

Get gorgeous eyelashes, naturally

Long eyelashes have a dramatic effect of enhancing your look. It not only defines your gorgeous eyes but the sweep of a long eyelash has the power to get many a hearts to flutter. But not all are bestowed with such long sweeping lashes. Most of the ordinary go through painstaking effort of sticking false eyelashes on- that too with chemical gums in order for the false eyelashes to stick.

But what if, you could get rid of the false ones and get actual long natural eyelashes.
If you don’t think that it is possible to magically re-grow your eyelashes. Well, think again.
Growlash- eyelash growth enhancing serum– is a marvel of science and technology that forms a potent serum with the power not only to grow your lashes but it also makes your lashes look shinier and makes them strong. In four to six weeks result will be visible and you will find shinier stronger and denser eyelashes adorning your eyes and enhancing your look. But the power of this amazing serum does not stop there. With regular use of Growlash you can save your eyelashes from all future fallings and brittleness. Your eyelashes and your eyes will be the talk of the town. With gorgeous eyelashes you can easily win the heart of many and be the cynosure of all eyes.

Safe and Natural Product
The 100% Plant extract formula of Growlash is a completely natural product. Made from the latest innovation of science and technology, the Growlash is a revolution in the cosmetics and medical research field. Growlash uses a scientific mixture of bio-enzyme EPM, aqua, hair follicle growth factor, ascorbic, hyaluronic acid, tocopherol and urea. The product has gone through all dermatological tests. All ingredients used in Growlash have been tested with extreme precaution. There are no side effects to this product. No colouring, preservative or fragrances have been used in Growlash.

Growlash is a leading brand in the market of eyelash serum category. Growlash Eyelash Growth Enhancing serum and Growlash Eyebrow Growth Enhancing serum, both are registered trademark products of the Astute Healthcare Ltd, one of UK’s leading distributors of Pharmaceutical and Health- Beauty products. Growlash that started marketing its product in a small scale came under the umbrella of Astute Healthcare Ltd to turn the tide towards a favourable and burgeoning market. Now the product is a rage in both UK and USA. The product takes great pride in its clientele and its service has gathered a loyal follower list. With more than 1million products sold, in the world of cosmetics Growlash is a product to be reckoned with.

What Growlash does?
 Revitalizes your eyelashes
 Stimulates eyelashes growth from its root
 Delays falling out of your eyelashes
 Makes your eyelashes thicker, stronger, longer and prettier
For best results use the serum twice daily- in the morning and at night. Use a single swipe on both upper and lower eye lid. If the serum enters your eyes rinse immediately with warm water.